8 Best Home Decor Ideas for Your First House

Congratulations if you’re in the market for your first home or have just signed the papers! You no longer have to live in a small rental apartment; you now have your own space. Although, we understand that after spending a significant amount of money to secure your new home, the prospect of decorating it might be stressful.

When it comes to choosing the best white paint (Eggshell? Off-white? What is the distinction?) Even before you start packing your boxes and loading them onto the moving truck, there’s a lot to think about for your bedroom and splurging on a new sofa that will match your living room. Let this guide be your go-to for home décor ideas you’ll want to remember, whether you’re starting from scratch or already have a few ideas in mind.

Begin with paint

A new coat of paint will completely change and personalize your room. When it comes to painting colors, the possibilities are almost endless, so think about the mood you want each area to have. Are you looking for warm neutrals or something bold and colorful, like a sunny yellow? On the other side, you could wish to try something different and go dark.

Choose a bed

Picking a bed should be at the top of your list of furniture to buy if you’re actually starting from scratch with your decorating. With brands like Casper, Tuft, Needle, and Fleep, there are more mattress alternatives than ever before. We’ve discovered that sleeping on an eco-friendly mattress is the finest way to sleep. Remember to assess your space and make sure the bed and frame combination you’re considering is appropriate for the amount of space you have.

Invest in a sofa

A couch is an item well worth investing in because it is the focal point of your living room (in addition to being a great place to snooze, work, and watch TV). You won’t have to worry about finding a sofa that will travel well or fit into a number of different rentals now that you have your own property. Select a high-quality sofa that fits your home’s size, scale, and arrangement (if you’re going with a sectional). The cost may surprise you, but it is definitely worth it.

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Lay a foundation with rugs

Area rugs are incredibly flexible furnishings that give a space individuality and texture. A wide rug made of natural fibers (such as seagrass or sisal) is an affordable option to cover your hard flooring. It may also be made more lively by layering it under a more colorful patterned carpeting.

Splurge on lighting

After you’ve decided on the key components for your house, take some time to choose overhead and wall lighting to personalize your new space. It might be difficult to change light fixtures in rental flats, but you will have more freedom and flexibility in your first house. Plus, the visual impact of hiring an electrician to place an eye-catching light is well worth the money.

Personalize with textiles

Next on our list of products to invest in for a customized style are side tables, accessories, and distinctive fabrics. Though you may have previously picked more simple pillows and throws, now that you’ve painted your house and selected high-quality furniture and lighting, it’s a smart idea to select pillows and throws that are more in keeping with your permanent design.

Add character with art

A good art collection takes time to build, but that doesn’t mean your walls have to remain blank while you wait for the ideal piece. While we wouldn’t recommend buying cheap pieces you don’t like merely to fill your space, we do recommend keeping an eye out for inexpensive artwork to start your collection.

Make easy upgrades for a custom look

Though a major bathroom or kitchen makeover may be a few years away, you can make little modifications that will give your house a more personalized appeal for less. Even if it means living with linoleum worktops for a few more years, simple subway tile, faucets, new hardware, and new pendant lighting can transform a kitchen.