How to Use French Cleats

French cleats are not as straightforward as hammering a few nails into the wall to hang a huge piece of art. If you don’t want to destroy your new artwork or your wall, use French cleats to display it. What’s the best part? They’re not difficult to use; the most difficult aspect is acquiring all of the ingredients. We’ve written down all of the procedures you’ll need to use french cleats properly to ensure you get it correctly the first time. In no time, you’ll be able to appreciate your artwork on the wall—and rest easy knowing it won’t fall!

Make sure you’re comfortable drilling screws into the thing you want to hang before you begin. This approach may not be suitable if your object is extremely delicate or you dislike the notion of drilling into it.

Required materials.

French cleats

Power drill

Tape measure

Rubber bumpers

Half inch screws

One inch screws

Wall anchors

Drill bits

Driver bit


How to use French cleats?

How to use french cleats

1. Mark and measure the back of the item you wish to hang in the middle.

2. Mark a level line to show the placement of the cleat’s top using the center mark as a reference.

3. Use 12-inch screws to secure the cleat to the rear of the object.

4. Make a level line on the wall where you want the object to be hung.

5. Drill pilot holes for the wall anchors and hammer them in.

6. Using 1-inch screws, fasten another cleat to the wall.

7. To keep the object away from the wall, use self-adhesive rubber bumpers on the rear corners. This will help keep the object from leaving marks on your wall.

8. Slide the item down to interlock the two cleats flush against the wall, somewhat above the wall cleat.