The Best Bathroom Flooring Materials for You

Do you want to update your bathroom? The flooring may be last on your list, but it’s just as crucial (if not more so!) than all the fixtures and built-ins. A bathroom floor must be extremely durable, as well as attractive and comfortable to walk on.

What is the most common bathroom floor material? Tile. “It truly is the greatest for bathroom flooring,” Jill Byrnes, VP of marketing and merchandising at The Tile Shop, claims, explaining that it is the only material that is completely waterproof. “

Tile is a timeless material that comes in a wide range of forms and designs, from modern to classic, and can be personalized with grout choices and pattern arrangement,” says Meska. “Bathrooms are a fantastic place to experiment with a new style, especially if it’s too flamboyant for a bigger area.”

According to Byrnes, zellige tiles (a handcrafted predecessor of the popular subway tile) are among this year’s bathroom flooring trends, as they feature softer edges, flaws, and color variations. “On the other hand, we’ve encountered a lot of folks who want a more glamorous aesthetic and choose marbled, mirrored, or gilded tiles.”

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When it comes to shower stalls, smaller tiles with greater traction are preferable. “When wet, larger tiles with fewer grout lines might be slippery,” explains Byrnes. However, there are other options to select, ranging from concrete to natural stone.

If you want to do it yourself, “rigid vinyl planks and waterproof laminate have easy-click installation methods and need little equipment,” according to Meska. Luxury vinyl tiles have grown in popularity as a result of their waterproof claims—though Byrnes warns that most “are not warrantied against harm when fully wet.”

Proper installation is necessary regardless of the material you pick. “Because it’s a high-moisture area,” adds Byrnes, “it’s a key aspect of any bathroom remodel.” Attention to detail is critical to the success of any DIY flooring project, from subfloor preparation to finishing finishes (such as waterproof moldings). The thinset, grout, sealants, and equipment you utilize may make or break an installation.”

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Meska feels that excellent items are essential: “Because most bathrooms have tiny footprints, choosing a premium product doesn’t contribute considerably to the entire cost of the project,” she explains. Is this a frequent beginner error? “Choosing the wrong grout color,” adds Byrnes, who points out that light grout might be difficult to maintain over time. In-floor heating is one luxury worth investing in.