Things You Need to Know to Buy a Range and Hood for Your Kitchen

Appliances are not only the most expensive but also the most important investment you’ll make in your kitchen because they may substantially improve your daily life. And probably the most significant of all is the range. Choose one that meets your specific needs: Do you never have enough oven space? (Think about installing more wall ovens!) Or do you always have to preheat a huge oven to warm a tiny dish? (Look for a model with a smaller secondary oven.) If you choose correctly, you will never need to replace it. Here’s how to choose the best range, oven, or cooktop for your kitchen.

What Gadgets Do You Need?

kitchen gadget

Cooktop with Induction A magnetic field warms only the pot you’re using to boil water in under two minutes.

Steam cooker with convection What are the advantages of having both? The greatest roast chicken you’ve ever had: moist from the steam and crisp from the fast heat.

Drawer heater This small add-on keeps meals hot at mealtime for busy families or entertaining connoisseurs. Reheating in the microwave is not needed.

Oven with convection It can cook food up to 25% quicker than a regular oven thanks to a fan that circulates hot air.

Sous Vide built-in Do you want to learn how to cook vacuum-sealed food in a water bath? The function is included in Signature Kitchen Suite’s cooktops.

Additional Burners Although a 48″ range may contain up to eight gas burners, most customers choose four burners in conjunction with other cooktop features.

Griddle/Flattop This is a quick and easy method to get bacon, eggs, and pancakes on the table without having to use any additional cookware. The less chaos there is, the better.

What Is Induction All About?


While it’s fun to take out all the stops for dinner (Americans love to play with fire), not every home has access to natural gas utilities. If you must use an electric range, follow the Europeans’ lead and go for induction. They were formerly extremely pricey. However, practically every manufacturer now provides a model for every budget. Induction cooktops are safer, quicker, and more accurate than traditional electric cooktops.

An induction-compatible pot or pan must be put on it to activate the “burners” (and these days most cookware, from nonstick to stainless steel and cast iron, is made to work on induction). Unlike gas cooking, no extra heat escapes through the magnetic connection, so the pan heats up quickly and evenly.

What is the best size range?


Modern ranges may be customized on a number of levels: Choose the number of burners, the type of heat (induction for fast boiling water, gas for real searing power), if you want one or two ovens, and whether or not you want a warming drawer. It all relies on how you prepare food! Make it uniquely yours.

The Case for Wall Ovens

wall oven

Wall ovens are seen to be a waste of space. Reality: Installing wall ovens allows you to bypass the complete range in favor of simply a cooktop, freeing up those valuable bottom cabinets for more storage.

Plus, there’s no more leaning down to get heavy pots and pans out of a range with a wall oven. Simply add one, or acquire two of the same type, or add a built-in coffeemaker, steam oven, speed-cook oven, or microwave to a single oven.

Which Hood Should You Pick?


Smells like smoke. Steam. The fact is that cooking in a kitchen quickly fouls the air we breathe. That’s why a good range hood, one that properly and efficiently ventilates your kitchen, is a must. (Sure, you could just open the window while sautéing anything, but it’ll either be chilly or make you excessively sweaty…and the oil odors would remain!) On the plus side, a modern range of hoods is available in practically every make and model conceivable, ranging from nearly unnoticeable to fashionable and statement-making.